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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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Mr. Schuester vs. Neil Patrick Harris

I had NO idea Neil Patrick Harris could SAAAANG (especially the last few notes of the song)! Half the time he makes me want to laugh just because of how he usually is, but I was pretty impressed! Of course, my heart will always belong to Mr. Schue ❤ Marry me, already!!!

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Like a Virgin…OOOOO!

BEST part of the Madonna episode on gLee!
Ms. Pillsbury would’ve had the best time because of Mr. Schue ❤

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That should be me

You’re all probably sick of my posts about Justin Bieber, but I don’t care LOL This is one of the songs I ended up loving on his new CD… My sister & I are already in the process of learning to play/sing it acoustically lol I never really listened to the lyrics until recently, and they’re so cute yet so sad. Enjoy fellow Bieber fans! Okay, scold me if I blog again today ’cause I REALLY need to be doing work right now.

That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me, that should be me

That should be me, feeling your kiss
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong, I can’t go on
Do you believe that that should be me

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OMG, I am so glad I finally found time to get into GLEE! I cannot wait for the second season to start on April 13th – perfect timing! I couldn’t really find any clips from the show that I really liked on YouTube except for this one, when Mr. Schuester’s trying to let Rachel down gently through song (don’t mind the Spanish subtitles). Speaking of Mr. Schuester, he is my MAN CRUSH at the moment ❤ guys who dress well & sing/dance = nyom nyom nyom! The expressions of Rachel and Ms. Pillsbury in the video say it all… *wipe drool. LOL

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Canada’s Age of Consent: 16

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this song, especially when it’s acoustic ❤
Even though he seemed a little stuck up in the beginning of this video and the constant hair flick was a little odd, once he did his intro [01:22] and started singing, you just meeeeelt. LOL

If he was at least 18, I don’t think I’d feel as bad having this stupid school girl crush on him.. but seeing as Canada’s age of consent is 16, I guess it doesn’t seem too bad? LOL I kid, I kid… hahaha “kid.” Okay, I’m going to hell. Good night!

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I can make your BEDROCK

Finally had a much needed girls night with the ladies last night @ my house/Body English last night:

+ Drinking beer/Baileys (blehhh) with Gil and Mar while getting ready
+ Mar yelling at my computer watching the Raptors game (“IT’S FREEZING!”)
+ The girls making fun of me for my “Black” playlist
+ Mar SO close to forgetting her Lenten promise and eating grilled cheese
+ Yummy Gold Schlagger shots w/gross lemon slices (good one, kazel)
+ Guest List: Amanda L. + 3 guests (it’s legit – you can scan the barcode)
+ Empty club at 12 (I swear the snow wasn’t that bad anymore!)
+ Missed the $2.50 drinks by 5 minutes… obvi
+ Amanda’s mad dash to the washroom after getting hit on
+ My highly-embarassing-impossible-to-shrug-off-almost-fall on the ridiculously-open-and-empty-dance-floor (FMLLLLLL I wanted to die!)
+ Pictures, pictures, pictures & dancing, dancing, dancing!
+ Having to leave when all the really good music started playing
+ Yeah that’s right, I know most of the words to Bedrock… no biggie.
+ News delivered 2 weeks late (my bad!)
= M. A. K. E. ❤

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