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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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Heck yes I speak gangsta!

The Imaginus poster people are back at my school again for this week! I’m always so excited when they come (that’s what she said) because I’ve bought AT LEAST 1 poster every year I’ve been at York, but this year I really shouldn’t be buying anymore posters (let alone I already have 5 super-huge ones filling up one wall in my room)! These are some of the posters I considered buying today or remembered were cool/funny… maybe I’ll just get a small one on Friday 🙂

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!


Dear Fall,

I ❤ you. You’re my favourite season by far and I really hope you stay a little longer than you did last year.  Although I’m sad that I really can’t afford you at the moment, I am very happy that at least now I can wear all dark colours and not feel dumb about it like in the Summer. Thanks! 🙂

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I am officially an idiot.


At 10:05 am today, I purchased New Moon tickets for the Friday November 20th screening. Through all the excitement, I failed to realize that I had bought non-refundable/non-exchangeable tickets for the WRONG DAY. Still irrational and now stupefied, I decided to also buy tickets to the Thursday screening; the one I originally wanted. I am now in the possession of 4 tickets to New Moon (2 for Thursday and 2 for Friday) and am $42.00 short within less than 30 minutes. FML.



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Basic UNnecessities.

I really shouldn’t be spending my money…
but I just can’t seem to forget about you and your $28 price tag. Sigh.hat


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