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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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I can make your BEDROCK

Finally had a much needed girls night with the ladies last night @ my house/Body English last night:

+ Drinking beer/Baileys (blehhh) with Gil and Mar while getting ready
+ Mar yelling at my computer watching the Raptors game (“IT’S FREEZING!”)
+ The girls making fun of me for my “Black” playlist
+ Mar SO close to forgetting her Lenten promise and eating grilled cheese
+ Yummy Gold Schlagger shots w/gross lemon slices (good one, kazel)
+ Guest List: Amanda L. + 3 guests (it’s legit – you can scan the barcode)
+ Empty club at 12 (I swear the snow wasn’t that bad anymore!)
+ Missed the $2.50 drinks by 5 minutes… obvi
+ Amanda’s mad dash to the washroom after getting hit on
+ My highly-embarassing-impossible-to-shrug-off-almost-fall on the ridiculously-open-and-empty-dance-floor (FMLLLLLL I wanted to die!)
+ Pictures, pictures, pictures & dancing, dancing, dancing!
+ Having to leave when all the really good music started playing
+ Yeah that’s right, I know most of the words to Bedrock… no biggie.
+ News delivered 2 weeks late (my bad!)
= M. A. K. E. ❤

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My New Moon Experience

On Thursday night my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to watch the pre-screening of New Moon! With all the craze around the movie, we thought we had to leave a few hours earlier (compared to the 1.5 hours we had originally planned) to start lining up. THEREFORE, we got there at 7:30pm for the 10pm movie to find the movie theatre EMPTY.

We ended up just sitting around, killing time, and occassionally passing by the theatre it was showing in to see if a line-up had started. Around 9 pm, we finally saw people starting to line up, and we were excited to be within the first 20 in line! Eventually we were told the line we were in was for the 10:15pm movie, and the 10pm one had already gone in. We walked into the theatre to find it completely PACKED. WTF?! We got there 3 hours earlier to get good seats and ended up with none! Turns out they forgot to take out the name of the movie previously playing in the theatre and just let everyone go in. No wonder all those people with printed out tickets we saw heading in that direction just disappeared! It didn’t make sense that so many people bought tickets online AND were watching a movie other than New Moon on a random Thursday night.

ANYWAYS, it all worked out in the end.. we ended up just staying in the 10:15pm line and getting awesome seats. Compared to Twilight, there were a lot more older people watching, and even the tweens who used to ruin the movie and yell obnoxious things whenever Edward would come on the screen, came with their parents and were quite behaved lmao. We even got a free drink in a collector’s New Moon cup with the popcorn we bought. Thanks for the hook-up, Scene card! LOL

As for the movie, I’m still on the fence about whether I really liked it or not. I love that they pretty much stayed true to the book (it’s my favourite of the series) and the effects (especially with the wolves) were awesome and SO much better than Twilight, but some of the acting was pretty bad lmao. At least the eye candy was great – Jacob’s bod is ridiculous and Edward looked pretty good!

I’m going to have to watch it again (with Kazel and Amanda next time…and possibly Mar???) and see what I think of it the second time around 🙂 Hopefully the next time is a little more successful than the first LOL

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“This feels so right!”

Just thinking and talking about some of the things that happened at Dave’s birthday party this past weekend, makes me think back to all the crazy stuff that has happened over the last year that regular Liz would normally never do… I have WAY too many stories you will not believe. At least I’m behaving a little better… sort of.

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I love stupid, random videos 🙂 After watching this video (featuring The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato) and that Party in the USA video Mar had posted, I want to make my own stupid, fun video too! I made the suggestion to Mar before that we should do a similar “Party in the USA” video with all our friends, but in the snow! And I think Kazel should come up with the lyrics for “Party in Canada.” LOL  No, I’m serious… we should do it. 🙂

B is for Bouncing
O is for Opportunity
U is for Unity
N is for Nutrition
C is for Community
E is for Everybody

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Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Ever since I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, it’s been eating into my time for blogging lol. Last time I blogged I had pretty much just started my Reading Week, and now it’s pretty much done… What have I accomplished? I worked/tutored, caught up on all my TV shows (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, The Hills, The Office, Dollhouse), watched 3 movies that I’ve been waiting to see for a while (The Ugly Truth, Definitely Maybe, The Devil Wears Prada), did some (unnecessary) shopping, watched All-In’s volleyball game, and had a lunch date with Mar at Tokyo Maki Sushi (which turned out to be really good!). Notice that I didn’t mention doing any actual “reading” LOL. Maybe I should get on that right now….. NOT.


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Hello – Goodbye.

girls jump

Wow… I can’t believe Summer is officially over and everyone’s going back to school. Even though it wasn’t as eventful as we hoped it would be, we all still managed to have some good times whatever we did!
Goodbye, Summer… until next time ❤


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