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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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Fatty Cake, Fatty Cake

So I’m taking a break from doing work and was looking at old photos when I came across these… Now that I think of it, these pictures were taken about a year ago and the main thing I notice is how much weight I lost at the time. You might not notice it, but it was a pretty big difference for me. But WTF MAN?! What happened? Once classes/exams are done, I really gotta get back on that skinnier bandwagon again AKA a treadmill AKA doing laps in my basement. So sad.

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The Evolution of Liz: The Slutty Gina

Randomly looking through my old pictures, I realized that I haven’t continued with this “The Evolution of Liz” thing for a long time now. So as a continuation of the many phases I went through growing up, here are a few pictures of me during my slutty/gina phase. I had a pretty good laugh (and disappointed shake of the head) while picking these, so I hope you do too lol. Enjoy!

slutty liz wp

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The Evolution of Liz: Gangsta Stylez

So we’ve all been through our ‘phases’ in elementary and high school… and looking through my old pictures I’ve come to realize how random and ridiculous mine were LOL. I thought I would entertain you all and do an “evolution of” type of thing with my many phases. Today, you can enjoy my gangsterrr phase! What was I thinking!?
Still to come: Slutty, Gina, and 5ecr3t1ve Liz… LMAO love it.

gangster liz


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