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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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Practice what you preach


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That should be me

You’re all probably sick of my posts about Justin Bieber, but I don’t care LOL This is one of the songs I ended up loving on his new CD… My sister & I are already in the process of learning to play/sing it acoustically lol I never really listened to the lyrics until recently, and they’re so cute yet so sad. Enjoy fellow Bieber fans! Okay, scold me if I blog again today ’cause I REALLY need to be doing work right now.

That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me, that should be me

That should be me, feeling your kiss
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong, I can’t go on
Do you believe that that should be me

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July 9, 2010 – July 16, 2010

Today is the day we book the family trip to Varadero, Cuba for 30 people! The resort is huuuuge and some family who’ve already been there say they had an amazing time. I actually didn’t plan on going to this trip, but I’m glad I changed my mind and now I’m super excited! I haven’t gone on an actual vacation since I went to Mexico in Grade 10… Wow, has it really been 6 years? I’ve been wanting to go on vacation with a bunch of my friends for the longest time now, but it just never worked out… so I’m really hoping my family knows how to parrrrrrty LOL

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You are the thunder & I am the lightninggg

Gil & I were watching some of the Wizards of Waverly Place movie today and it reminded me of how much I like Selena Gomez’s song, “Naturally.” She’s so cute… maybe even a celebrity reincarnation? I don’t know what it is about Disney/Family Channel stars and their songs, but I just love them LOL Yup… I’m a nerd.


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I can’t believe I put off watching this movie for so long… maybe because it annoyed me that my sister would wake me up early every morning to ask if I would watch it with her (loser LOL), but I didn’t expect it to be so DEEP. Definitely one of my favourite parts in the movie…  I see you.

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Happy Holidays!

Oops! Sorry I’ve been MIA for most of my Xmas break… You’d think that I’d blog more when I’m NOT in school vs. when I’m IN school… mind you, school started back for me at 8:30 this morning – and here I am, right on cue! lol So much has happened during the break, so I thought I’d just do a quick little re-cap since I’m wayyy too lazy to go into detail 🙂

Mar’s “Madness” Photo-Essay Photoshoot

Bikini Bay Girls Christmas Dinner & Greedy Santa

The Green Scarf Brownies

Mar’s 21st Birthday at Cabana Nightclub

Christmas Dinner & Greedy Santa with Friends

Fam Jam New Year’s Eve Costume Party

Overall, even though it was crazy hectic for me most of the time, I really enjoyed this break! It was great seeing/catching up with friends and spending time with the familia. But now it’s back to reality 😦 eff school!

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