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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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July 9, 2010 – July 16, 2010

Today is the day we book the family trip to Varadero, Cuba for 30 people! The resort is huuuuge and some family who’ve already been there say they had an amazing time. I actually didn’t plan on going to this trip, but I’m glad I changed my mind and now I’m super excited! I haven’t gone on an actual vacation since I went to Mexico in Grade 10… Wow, has it really been 6 years? I’ve been wanting to go on vacation with a bunch of my friends for the longest time now, but it just never worked out… so I’m really hoping my family knows how to parrrrrrty LOL

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I can make your BEDROCK

Finally had a much needed girls night with the ladies last night @ my house/Body English last night:

+ Drinking beer/Baileys (blehhh) with Gil and Mar while getting ready
+ Mar yelling at my computer watching the Raptors game (“IT’S FREEZING!”)
+ The girls making fun of me for my “Black” playlist
+ Mar SO close to forgetting her Lenten promise and eating grilled cheese
+ Yummy Gold Schlagger shots w/gross lemon slices (good one, kazel)
+ Guest List: Amanda L. + 3 guests (it’s legit – you can scan the barcode)
+ Empty club at 12 (I swear the snow wasn’t that bad anymore!)
+ Missed the $2.50 drinks by 5 minutes… obvi
+ Amanda’s mad dash to the washroom after getting hit on
+ My highly-embarassing-impossible-to-shrug-off-almost-fall on the ridiculously-open-and-empty-dance-floor (FMLLLLLL I wanted to die!)
+ Pictures, pictures, pictures & dancing, dancing, dancing!
+ Having to leave when all the really good music started playing
+ Yeah that’s right, I know most of the words to Bedrock… no biggie.
+ News delivered 2 weeks late (my bad!)
= M. A. K. E. ❤

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LOL :)

Soooo I got bored & distracted doing work (obvi) so I started looking through some of my old pictures and boy, was I thoroughly entertained! Half the time I found myself laughing out loud or just staring with my mouth open/shaking my head in disbelief LOL Here are just some randoms (PG-13) that I found quite amusing. Enjoy!

Givin’ it to Simon AND Mar on my 21st birthday

Group kiss!

Giving birth to Richard in Niagara


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Happy Holidays!

Oops! Sorry I’ve been MIA for most of my Xmas break… You’d think that I’d blog more when I’m NOT in school vs. when I’m IN school… mind you, school started back for me at 8:30 this morning – and here I am, right on cue! lol So much has happened during the break, so I thought I’d just do a quick little re-cap since I’m wayyy too lazy to go into detail 🙂

Mar’s “Madness” Photo-Essay Photoshoot

Bikini Bay Girls Christmas Dinner & Greedy Santa

The Green Scarf Brownies

Mar’s 21st Birthday at Cabana Nightclub

Christmas Dinner & Greedy Santa with Friends

Fam Jam New Year’s Eve Costume Party

Overall, even though it was crazy hectic for me most of the time, I really enjoyed this break! It was great seeing/catching up with friends and spending time with the familia. But now it’s back to reality 😦 eff school!

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“This feels so right!”

Just thinking and talking about some of the things that happened at Dave’s birthday party this past weekend, makes me think back to all the crazy stuff that has happened over the last year that regular Liz would normally never do… I have WAY too many stories you will not believe. At least I’m behaving a little better… sort of.

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I love stupid, random videos 🙂 After watching this video (featuring The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato) and that Party in the USA video Mar had posted, I want to make my own stupid, fun video too! I made the suggestion to Mar before that we should do a similar “Party in the USA” video with all our friends, but in the snow! And I think Kazel should come up with the lyrics for “Party in Canada.” LOL  No, I’m serious… we should do it. 🙂

B is for Bouncing
O is for Opportunity
U is for Unity
N is for Nutrition
C is for Community
E is for Everybody

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