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NYC! (Part 3) – FINALLY!

Wow, I never thought I’d actually make it to blogging about our last day in New York lol. The first two days have taken me so long to do, that I’m just going to give a really short review of our third day. This is tiring!

Big Breakfast at City Diner


Grand Central Station
Gossip Girl ❤


Random Crazed Women $5 Jewelry Sale


NBA Store



Disney Store


Random Filming of 30 Rock on the way to the NBC Store
Apparently Tina Fey was there, but we couldn’t see her!


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NYC! (Part 2)


For our second day in New York, we decided to do the 1 day New York Pass, where for $75 we got discounts on/free admission to over 50+ attractions. The catch: we only had until midnight to get as many attractions done.

We were able to get the following done from 8AM to midnight (with an hour nap/break inbetween), and I think we did a pretty good job seeing as we were dead tired by the end of it:

1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum



In reference to the picture of me holding the piece of paper… the main reason I wanted to go to the Immigrant Museum was to see the book from the movie, Hitch, with the signatures of people who came to Ellis Island. A laminated example of one page was what we found, and our disappointment was further verified when a lady who worked there told us,”Will Smith lied to you.” fml. LOL

2. Central Park Zoo


3. American Museum of Natural History



Note: We were especially excited to go here because it was the museum in the Night at the Museum. I guess we were so excited that we forgot to go through the famous main entrance where a lot happens in the movie 😦


This speedboat ride was HILARIOUS. We weren’t expecting to get soaked within 5 minutes of the ride (we weren’t expecting to get all that wet at all), and didn’t realize it was going to go as fast as 45 mph. Like our captain said, there was no point in doing our hair or wearing make-up LOL.

Also, here’s a link to a silly video I took of us while we were on the boat!

 5. Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum 



6. Cold Stone Creamery


This place is so awesome. You can choose to get either one of their signature ice cream creations, or you can make your own creation yourself! Mar got the “Strawberry Blonde” and I had the “Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some.” Yum!

6.5. Laugh Lounge Comedy Club

While walking through Times Square, a random guy actually struck up a conversation with us and convinced us to buy tickets to his comedy club. We were feeling pretty excited and daring about our spontaneous decision, until we arrived at the club to find out the show had been cancelled due to a lack of audience. Feeling pretty bummed, the bartender offers us a drink on the house and Mar decided to splurge with a Long Island Ice Tea and me a Pineapple Upside-Down Cocktail. Either the bartender didn’t know how to mix drinks OR she wanted to give us our money’s worth, because we both pretty much got a glass of vodka. We ended up getting tipsy and drunkenly talking about relationships (as usual LOL). We still had one more stop to go with the New York Pass, so it sucked to have to leave because the people were so nice there. But hey, at least Mar can say she got a drink at a bar while underage! 😛

7. Top of the Rock Observation Deck


After getting annoyed and lost going back to the hotel, we ended off the day (which was officially at 2 am) by eating at our favourite halalalalal streetcar-trailer-food-thing. $5 Chicken over rice, YUM!

Day Three: to be continued…
These seriously take up a lot of time and energy lol.


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NYC! (Part 1)

My 3-day getaway with Paperbag Princess to New York was awesome!


 First off, the 10 hour bus ride there felt like an eternity, but we ate our junk food and watched American Pie Presents Band Camp/a bit of John Tucker Must Die, so it was bearable lol. We got to Manhattan early Monday morning and the first thing we did was get Starbucks… OBVI. lol

We still had a few hours before we could check into our hotel, so we decided to walk around Central Park. We didn’t realize how BIG it was! We walked around for almost 4 hours and we still didn’t get to see everything (including the Alice in Wonderland sculpture)! However, we did see a lot of things including The Ramble, The Belvedere Castle, Turtle Pond, The LakeBethesda Fountain and Terrace, and Strawberry Fields, so it was still quite a success!

After all that walking, we decided to eat at McDonald’s where for some reason they only sold McChicken’s separately and not in a combo, and I had a disgustingly huge Angus Burger with Swiss Cheese and Mushrooms. By then we were finally able to check into our hotel, and so after we checked our bed for bed bugs (LOL), we had a little down time before we walked a bit through Times Square. We ended up going crazy in Forever 21 and having a little too much fun in the Toys R Us store before we called it a night 🙂



Day Two & Three: to be continued…

I got lazy. LOL

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