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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Goodbye WordPress. Hello Tumblr.


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22. Take More Risks

“To live your life to the fullest, start taking more risks and doing the things you fear. Get good at being uncomfortable and stop walking the path of least resistance. Sure, there is a greater chance you will stub your toes when you walk the road less travelled, but that is the only way you can get anywhere… The real secret to a life of abundance is to stop spending your days searching for security and to start spending your time pursuing opportunity. Sure, you will meet with your share of failures if you start living more deliberately and passionately. But failure is nothing more than learning how to win.”

From Who Will Cry When You Die?: Life Lessons
from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
, Robin Sharma

I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually read this book yet (I swear I will!), but today I decided to just open it up to a random page and read whatever chapter it landed on. I found myself struck by this particular quote, not just because it’s very relevant to me and the person I usually am, but it’s also just a really good quote for anyone to live by. Taking risks and going outside of your comfort zone can be such a scary and intimidating thing. However, knowing you took a risk and failed is better than the regret of wondering what if you had taken that leap. Although it may not always feel that way, and it’s easier said than done, I feel like it’s something we all need to struggle with to really understand the beauty and reward of it. I know, this is such a random rant but I just thought I’d share… that is what a blog is all about, right? 😛

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My New Moon Experience

On Thursday night my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to watch the pre-screening of New Moon! With all the craze around the movie, we thought we had to leave a few hours earlier (compared to the 1.5 hours we had originally planned) to start lining up. THEREFORE, we got there at 7:30pm for the 10pm movie to find the movie theatre EMPTY.

We ended up just sitting around, killing time, and occassionally passing by the theatre it was showing in to see if a line-up had started. Around 9 pm, we finally saw people starting to line up, and we were excited to be within the first 20 in line! Eventually we were told the line we were in was for the 10:15pm movie, and the 10pm one had already gone in. We walked into the theatre to find it completely PACKED. WTF?! We got there 3 hours earlier to get good seats and ended up with none! Turns out they forgot to take out the name of the movie previously playing in the theatre and just let everyone go in. No wonder all those people with printed out tickets we saw heading in that direction just disappeared! It didn’t make sense that so many people bought tickets online AND were watching a movie other than New Moon on a random Thursday night.

ANYWAYS, it all worked out in the end.. we ended up just staying in the 10:15pm line and getting awesome seats. Compared to Twilight, there were a lot more older people watching, and even the tweens who used to ruin the movie and yell obnoxious things whenever Edward would come on the screen, came with their parents and were quite behaved lmao. We even got a free drink in a collector’s New Moon cup with the popcorn we bought. Thanks for the hook-up, Scene card! LOL

As for the movie, I’m still on the fence about whether I really liked it or not. I love that they pretty much stayed true to the book (it’s my favourite of the series) and the effects (especially with the wolves) were awesome and SO much better than Twilight, but some of the acting was pretty bad lmao. At least the eye candy was great – Jacob’s bod is ridiculous and Edward looked pretty good!

I’m going to have to watch it again (with Kazel and Amanda next time…and possibly Mar???) and see what I think of it the second time around 🙂 Hopefully the next time is a little more successful than the first LOL

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How early should I start lining up?

LOL love it.

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With all the commercials/trailers I’ve been constantly seeing everywhere, the more it reminds me of how excited I am that I get to watch New Moon in 2 weeks! AHHHHH OMG! Is it gay that I’ve entered a contest to go the the New Moon premiere in L.A. and a chance to win a Volvo like what Edward drives?
Yeah, I thought so 🙂

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“I would sell my soul to be a skinny white girl. If that’s not shallow, then I don’t know what is.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so HOOKED while watching the MTV VMAs before LOL. Me and Mar were texting each other stupid comments back and forth over everything that excited us – hence the title of my blog, a discussion sparked by Kristin Cavallari LMAO. There’s so many things I want to say about the VMAs but I have to wake up early tomorrow so I’m going to have to resist lol.

The main thing that I still can’t believe, is how Kanye RUINED Taylor Swift’s moment getting her first VMA. I felt so bad for her, just seeing how shocked and speechless she was after he did what he did. Fucking ass, I never liked him. I thought it was super sweet when Beyonce called Taylor up to the stage to re-do her moment… but Kanye’s still an ass lol.

The main highlight of the show for me though was laughing at all the crazy stuff Lady Gaga was wearing. First the neck brace, then her bleeding boob outfit, then her almost-looked-like-she’s-covered-in-blood outfit, and my favourite one, the bird’s nest. She seems so messed in the head… but I love it LOL. I didn’t even realize she could actually sing well live, and so I went on a YouTube spree and found all these awesome videos. Here’s one of my favourites of her singing Paparazzi 🙂

Oh wait, I take that back. The main highlight of the show was watching the extended New Moon trailer. Me and my sister were literally yelling at the screen for a good 2 minutes after watching it LMAO. In addition, seeing Taylor Lautner in a suit again is just superb 😉 TEAM JACOB, BABY!

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Love Sucks.



I’m still undecided about The Vampire Diaries show… I couldn’t stop laughing at how many things they took from Twilight and True Blood and tried to combine to make a super-awesome vampire show. The main man was trying SO hard to be Edward Cullen… the clothes, the hair, the voice, even that smouldering look of his. I’m bashing the show now, but watch me get hooked on it too LOL.


On another note, the star of Vampire Diaries (Nina Dobrev) is HOT.
Celebrity Reincarnation, please!




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